Jeroen van Marion



Got my roots in the horticulture sector and started working fulltime (at a Rose Grower) after my internship in NOTL (Ontario, Canada). Worked myself up to the part of foreman. At 2003 i started building websites (part-time) and worked my way towards a career switch. Teached myself in the tiny bit of spare time i had (worked 6-7 days a week). I never thought that years later i would be at this point. I am very proud of what i've reached so far.

Current position: Product owner

  • Birthday: April 16
  • Website:,
  • City: Erica, Drenthe, Netherlands
  • Degree: MBO (Horticulture)
  • Email: Private (Send DM on LinkedIN)
  • JobType: Fulltime

Hobbies (software related): Maintaining the "family" UiPath UA robot (George). Exploring Opensource Projects, Testing RPA software, home automation, running an on-premise RPA homelab and cloud RPA

Hobbies (personal): Walking, MTB, Spinning, Fitness and hanging out with friends and family. And doing some volunteer work on the side.


Trainings Completed

Scrummaster - Foundation training


Completed training (not certified)

Internship Supervisor




2001 - 2002

Best Web College, Eindhoven, Netherlands


MBO Kaderfunctionaris

1992 - 1996

Terra College, Emmen, Netherlands

Professional Experience

Product Owner / RPA Specialist / Test Lead

2011 - Present

Nidaros IT Solutions BV, Hoogeveen (Dr), The Netherlands

  • Productowner of the products AI-HUb, Spider
  • Software tester for new SAIO (Powered by ING) Releases
  • Responsible for SAIO delivery to our team and developers
  • Agile Enthusiast and Jira Admin
  • Responsible for our IPTV platform (since 2011).

RPA Developer / UiPath Consultant (for Nidaros)

2019 - 2020

CJIB, Leeuwarden (Fr), The Netherlands

  • Support role of managing the UiPath On-Premise platform
  • Installation of the UiPath Platform and documenting updates
  • Member of DevOps & Scrum Team - Nikkel

Ops Engineer - Team OS (for Nidaros)

2012 - 2014

ING, Leeuwarden (Fr), The Netherlands

  • Member of Scrum Team Operational Services
  • Testing and deploying new versions
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Monitoring live processes, server applications and environment
  • Migration of the Opalis/Scorch software from W2k3 to W2k8
  • Responsible for Dimensions version control
  • Responsible for maintaining the Development, Test and Production environment
  • 2012 - 2013: Opalis Consultant (for Nidaros)


2008 - 2011

aaargh-infotainment, Drachten (Fr), The Netherlands

  • Team lead
  • Responsible for our network equipment, servers and uptime @Datacentre Fryslan
  • Providing support for our Interns / trainees
  • Webdeveloper, sysadmin

Van Marion Webdesign

2003 - 2008

VanMarion Webdesign, Drenthe

  • Founder
  • Started developing websites for several customers in my sparetime
  • Sold my company to aaargh-infotainment and was hired by them

Tech support / Webdeveloper

2007 - 2008

News Group, Klazienaveen (Dr), The Netherlands

  • Tech support on IT infrastructure and desktops
  • Responsible for maintaining the website

Webdeveloper / Sales

2005 - 2007

Nova IT/Vobis, Hoogeveen (Dr), The Netherlands

  • First official switch from Horticulture to an IT related job

Allround employee

2004 - 2005

Quatro BV, Klazienaveen (Dr), The Netherlands

Allround employee

2003 - 2004

Rozenkwekerij de Trompet, Klazienaveen (Dr), The Netherlands


1998 - 2002

Rozenkwekerij Kouwmans BV, Klazienaveen (Dr), The Netherlands

Allround employee

1996 - 1997

Trend Floral Ltd, Nigara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

  • One year exchange program after school